Site Stewards for San Francisco Bay

Site Stewardship is the best way to advocate and protect your local sailing spots. As an SFBA Site Steward, your three main goals are:

    1. WATCH YOUR LOCAL SPOTS: Volunteer to be a Site Steward for your local-favorite windsurf or kitesurf spot(s), and then KEEP AN EYE OUT for access issues
    2. USE SFBA.ORG: Use this Site Stewards page to see the current official list of Site Stewards for each Site, and to contact people one-on-one
    3. RECRUIT: Recruit your friends and fellow local sailors to volunteer to become Site Stewards.

*Site Stewards also have the opportunity to help by passing out SFBA newsletters, membership sign-up sheets, and safety flyers at their local spots from time-to-time. Socially-motivated folks can even host BBQs/Beach Clean-Ups/Safety Days: if approved ahead of time by the SFBA Board Of Directors, SFBA will cover the expenses ($).

Fill out our Contact form if you are interested in becoming a site steward or if you have any questions - Click Here

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