San Francisco Site Stewards List

Treasure Island

Hunt Hyde, Tom Gandesbery, Brett Greene, Bill Robberson - click steward name to contact

Crissy Field

Bill Robberson, Greg McKenney, Steven Bodner, Diane Portnoy, David Wells ,Jeff Finn - click steward name to contact

Candlestick Point

Peter Starck, Juan Vargas, Peter Belden, Davide Verotta - click steward name to contact

Site Steward Resources

Jane Cormier Advice on Events, such as Beach Clean-Ups, BBQs, Safety Days, and Swap Meets
Jim McGrath Advice on preserving and possibly enhancing access at your local spot, as part of the Bay Water Trail.
Bill Robberson SFBA President
George Haye Site Steward List Coordinator

Fill out our Contact form if you are interested in becoming a site steward or if you have any questions - Click Here

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