Bay Area Tips:

 ~ For sailing fun in the Bay Area during "the season"  (consensus amongst the opinionated being April through September). 

> Get iWindsurf / ikitesurf subscription.  Consider accessing via smartphone, depending upon how you schedule the rest of your life.  

> Be safe and sail within your ability.  (See Safety Page)

> Get a good wetsuit.  Warm and comfy.  (Well as comfy as a rubber suit can be)

> Leave all your "small stuff" in your car.  By small stuff we mean everything but your board, sails and boom.  Toss it all in a plastic tub and call it good. That way you won't show up at the launch and miss out on a session because you forgot some critical doodad or a fifty cent bolt.  

> Speaking of loading up your car, consider a couple of jugs of water, one for rincing and one for drinking.  Also given our weather, think about keeping a duffle bag of warm clothes and towels in the car.    

> Does your drive include a bridge crossing?  Check highway video camera feeds on the Internet before leaving. Google "Freeway Cams".  Currently SF Gate maintains a directory of roadway cameras.  This can tip you off to whether you will face gridlock traffic getting to your favorite launch site or not.  For those going west across the Bay Bridge, the Toll Plaza cam is invaluable. 

> Try new sites!  Talk to others online or call one of the local shops to find out about unfamiliar launches.  Take a look at the local info for each site on iWindsurf / iKitesurf.  Sailing each site offers a unique experience.  





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A list of local Web Cams

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SFBA Links

Here are some of links that are helpful to us local Bay Area sailors. Some of the sites were even created by SFBA members.

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