The Navy is planning to demolish all the apartment buildings that face the water near the launch, in order to deal with soil that may have low-level radioactive waste in it (In year's past, the Navy did spot removals in the open areas around the buildings, but apparently that was not enough).   So in preparation, the Navy has fenced off all the buildings with temporary cyclone fences.  Howver the normal lauch in the cove and access to the pipes remains viable with some adjustments to the rigging procedure.  Now it is advisable to carry the components of your rig between the buildings and the fencing and rig near the launch, since it is dfficult to carry a fully rigged sail through the space between the fencing and buildings.  With the exception of the fencing, the launch remains unchanged from the last few years. 

SFBA will continue to monitor the Navy's remediation of TI and update the WS community when real deadlines and timeframes for demolition become known. We will also lobby to maitain access to the ramp and pipes launch through the remdiation process.  



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