The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay

berkeley marina

For some time now the SFBA has been working with an active Berkeley community in opposition to turning the Berkeley Marina into a commercialized transportation hub. Given the marina's small size, limited parking, and limited funding, the marina better serves the community as a self-sustaining nature-forward waterfront park. However, a City, struggling to generate revenue has undertaken a strategy that just has not been thought through, nor has it engaged the public input in any meaningful way as part of the plan.

410 Airport Boulevard

San Francisco Bay is about to get a brand new wind sports access point. One that just may hold some of the keys to helping mitigate the upcoming effects of Sea Level Rise. 

alameda erosion

If you have been to Alameda to sail this year you have seen the severe erosion that has effectively changed the safe launch and landing zones. The team at Boardsports is working on the issues with the East Bay Regional Parks but in the meantime let's work together to make it safe at Alameda. 

andrew sullivan SFBA President at the toll plaza

The SFBA has been protecting and expanding access for boardsailors in the San Francisco Bay since 1986. We advocate through a matrixed network of Government, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations to affect change.