The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay Wing Foiling

It's been a great 2023 Wind Season but now it’s that time of year when things start to change. As the Fall season approaches we begin to go through the annual fading & shifting of the winds. The SFBA and all our site stewards want to remind you to be extra cautious in the afternoons as it's time for the SUMMER FADE. (Photo By Nicholas Osterman)

Cargo Ship Overhead

The SFBA is reaching out to the boardsailing community with a request to better coexist with the commercial vessels we share our waterways with. Long story short we need to change the way we are riding the waves created by commercial vessels.


We wanted to do a quick safety alert to let you know of a safety issue at Baywinds Park aka Third Ave. (photos Courtesy SF Bay Water Trail)

3rd ave
Special thanks to Ozy Mandias who wrote the below article we lifted from Facebook. 3rd Ave is going through some changes this summer and with lower launch closed it's become even more important we all get on the same page. If you sail 3rd Ave please read this.