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We wanted to do a quick safety alert to let you know of a safety issue at Baywinds Park aka Third Ave. (photos Courtesy SF Bay Water Trail)

While in the past a golf ball or two has been known to escape the netting of the upwind Mariners Park Golfing Range its has been noted that it seems the problem has gotten worse. A cracked windshield as well as a ball that hit a wing bladder popping it are just signs that it was only a matter of time before someone got hit.

The SFBA reached out to course Manager Craig Inkara and Foster City Parks and Rec's Derek Schweigart to alert them to the issue and here is what we found. 

First off the park got worked over this winter with winds ravaging the nets.  Craig has has been working to get them fixed but net supplies are out of stock. He expects to have them fixed in 30 days. In addition there is a new problem area Craig is aware of - the lower left side (as a golfer faces) seems to be needing added nets. He is working on getting the new nets in the next 90 days. May take a bit longer but we could tell Craig was doing all he could to make it happen.  Craig mentioned many wind sailors use his parking lot and he has generously allowed it for years. Thanks Craig!

Derek at Foster City Parks  was already following up with another park user who had reported the same issues. While The Parks division doesn’t oversee the golf facility concessionaire is aware it is having an impact on the park and park users. He's working with Craig to make sure the issues get addressed.

So in the meantime be cautious when staging near the nets and sharing this information with others that may stage in a dangerous trajectory. We will follow up with Parks and the Mariners Point Golf to make sure things are getting patched up but in this case all parties have the same goal and we are confident the issue will get fixed.