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treasure island sailing guide

This is a spot for Advanced Sailors Only. If in doubt - don't go out. Thanks to Andy Forquer for all the tips & diagrams below.  

Callouts unique to TI:
1/ *It's not a popular spot, yet.* When the whole bay gets hot, TI is often the only remaining good spot for wind. Mid to late summer these days may bring 2-dozen wings/windsurfers out. But it's not uncommon on any day of the week to show up and be the only person there with wind 20+kts. You have to ride defensively and independently.

2/ *Getting going* The wind is directly offshore from the Kayak launch ramp. As you get in the water you have a wind gradient ... 0-15kts (In the cove), down to 0kts as you pass the rock wall, and then quickly up to 20+kts typically as you pass the rock wall. The wind and the currents hit at the same point, so i wouldn't give it more than 5 mins of trying to get up before you potentially bail back towards the island. When I have bailed (too small a sail or board) a paddle directly at the wall will often land me in Clipper Cove, due to the current along the wall.

3/ *Riding defensively.*, Unlike Crissy, there is no downwind bailout until you reach Toll Plaza/Emeryville/Berk. The wind goes along the wall upwind, but off the wall downwind of the cove. This is what makes a bail-out so difficult and taxing. Generally, if i pop up on the way out, I then ride upwind along the wall so I have room to then cut across the rock point and head to cove if it starts to fade. On a good day it only takes about 10 minutes to cross the channel to Point Blunt, and ~30 minutes to get up to Alcatraz.

4/ *Landing.* Coming in can be hard given how fluky and offshore the wind is inside the cove. However, along each side of the cove are small eddies. Generally, most find it easiest to gather speed on the outside, pass close to the rock point, then gun it for the fall wall. Once you come off the foil, paddle until you reach the wall, then tiptoe with your board back to the ramp.



treasure island

The exit and entrance to sailing.

treasure island launch